“Scotland of the East” Collection, A/W 2022

DSEFH brings to you the luxurious “Scotland of the East” Collection. Nestled in the mountains of Meghalaya, India, ‘the abode of clouds’, is Shillong, the Scotland of the East, with its waterfalls, rolling hills, forests of pines & rhododendrons. As you enter Meghalaya, India,  the lush topography, the climate, the architecture gives one the feel of Scotland. The architecture is reminiscent of colonial houses and cottages and every establishment has plaid and tartan fabrics in some form or other, known here as the famous Shillong checks.   

Come winter, the tapmohkhlieh-the check shawls are seen all over, worn by many, men women, children, draped in different ways. The popularity and love of checks is a common attribute amongst Shillongites who have made tartan fashionable by wearing it as skirts, pants, suits, coats and jackets. Our winter collection is a tribute to the humble tapmohkhlieh which is such an intrinsic part of Shillong, traditionally draped as shawls. We are showcasing its versatility by combining it with bold autumn winter colours- forest green of pine needles, medallion yellow of autumn leaves, red of holly plants, azure blues of the winter sky against the bright sun and warm beige of a winter evening. 

Our Scotland of the East collection has a bold line-up of jackets and full-length dresses in lush winter fabrics that spell style, conveying the rich tones and textures of tartan checks, soft tweeds and plush woollens. These styles have a European aesthetic that tick many boxes- warmth, versatility and functionality. Each piece can be styled in many unique ways to suit the occasion and personal preference of the wearer.

Locally sourced tartans and soft tweeds have been used for this collection of tasteful jackets and dresses. Every style is a unique juxtaposition of solid eye-catching colours like maroon red, mustard yellow, indigo blue, sepia beige offset with tartan checks in contrasting attractive patterns. The full length dresses have pleasing cuts, collars with interesting constructions, that are in vogue. The jackets are in styles of hooded capes and belted wraps with chic silhouettes. The highlight is the unique use of tartan checks in tones of winter colours conveying the feel of Scottish highlands through ultra-luxe global fashion. Winter-wear in distinctive style that has the philosophy of a region but is global in its impact. We invite you to be wowed!