Collection: Ryndia Stole


Pure. Natural. Exquisite.

I grew up amidst tinkling of streams, clean mountain air,

untamed chattering of the tribes of North East India.

Born to the Eri Silkworm I became much sought after.

Spun out of cocoons I was then woven into fabric

 either cool or warm depending on the mood of the weaver

I don’t pretend.

I am simple and whole

A gift of Nature

Ryndia is woven by the weavers of North East India and use of this fabric preserves a dying craft and promotes fair trade by supporting the weavers of the region. No silkworms are harmed during the making of this fabric which is a byproduct of the lifecycle of the Eri Silkmoth.This fabric is handspun and handwoven. Handcrafted by our weavers with love, these scarves and stoles are organic, naturally dyed* and have thermal properties*. They are statement pieces to your personal style and can go with any ensemble of your choice.

  • *Thermal Properties: Cool in the Summers and Warm in the Winters.
  • *Naturally Dyed: Natural, Vegetable Dyed Colour, No Additives or Chemicals added. Colours may vary as lighter or darker.                                                        
  • *The tassels may vary from product to product as these are handwoven pieces.
  • *Feels Like Second Skin