Collection: The Klew (Peacock) Collection

Inspired by a Khasi folklore, this collection explores the peacock motif and the dazzling colours in a peacock’s feathers. Thevivid spots in the feathers of a peacock are called “Ummat Ka Sngi” (the Sun’s tears) by the Khasi tribe of Meghalaya. The folktale relates how U Klew (The Peacock) got its majestic feathers. The Peacock, a plain but vain grey-feathered bird, flew up to the palace on the sky to marry the most beautiful maiden Ka Sngi (The Sun) on a dare by his other bird friends who were playing a prank on him. There he was welcomed by the love and generous nature of Ka Sngi (The Sun) who devoted herself to him. Yet he remained conceited and vain. When all of the Sun’s warmth was given to U Klew (The Peacock), the earth became devoid of the sun’s rays becoming a cold, barren place. Thus the birds along with a wise old woman of the village hatched a plan to receive Ka Sngi’s (The Sun’s) warmth again. The old woman planted a garden of mustard flowers that looked like a golden maiden from above. This sight attracted U Klew (The Peacock) who wished to leave Ka Sngi (The Sun) and head back to his native land. Full of grief, she cried and as he flew away her rainbow-coloured tears,fell on his long tail so that he would always remember her love for him. U Klew (The Peacock) returned to his native land and discovered that he had been tricked and that the golden maiden was a bed of flowers. The earth received The Sun’s warmth again but U Klew (The Peacock) was saddened and unable to fly back to Ka Sngi (The Sun). All he is left with are his multi-hued feathers, reminding him of her as he watches her rise every morning.

Tapping into the ethos of this poignant folktale, this collection is made in natural linen and silk blends contains colours that hold the brightness of the sun and the magnificent peacock motif. This motif is handpainted and embellished with multi-coloured rhinestones in the pieces of the collection. The hand painted motif captures the peacock in all its glory amongst beautiful flowers. Capturing the various shades in the peacock feathers you will find stunning lime-greens, peacock-blues, double tone greens- the colours itself speaking of the love-story of the Klew (peacock) & the Sngi (Sun). This collection comprises of oversize shirts with kimono sleeves, band collar shirts, A-line dresses, trench coat ensembles and ankle-length palazzos. A unique collection with only single pieces available that will stand out just like the magnificent peacock with its dazzling feathers does.

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