About Us1

Daniel Syiem’s Ethnic Fashion House was established in 2011 by Janessaline M Pyngrope & Daniel Syiem. Shillong’s First Fashion House, DSEFH, was formed with a very clear objective of protecting, reviving, uplifting the traditional fabrics of the North-East mainly Meghalaya and promoting its use by innovating it into modern, contemporary, international fashion.

The Team


Janessaline M Pyngrope

CEO & Founder

Janessaline M. Pyngrope, currently heads Daniel Syiem’s Ethnic Fashion House(DSEFH) as the Business Head, and is the Co-Founder & Partner of Daniel Syiem’s Ethnic Fashion House.



Daniel Syiem

Co-Founder & Designer

Daniel Syiem knew that the fashion world was his destination when he realized his true vocation- fashion