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Daniel Syiem’s
Ethnic Fashion House
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The Premier Ryndia Collection

The Premier Ryndia CollectionView Collection   

Daniel Syiem draws deep inspiration from his roots in the North-East of India to present his latest collection, Ryndia at LFW S/R 2013.

A La Mode

A La ModeView Collection   

Translating the cultural values of simplicity, love of nature and a deep-rooted pride in tradition he brings apparel in natural drapes, hand-woven fabric with effortless styling.

Off The Grid

Off The GridView Collection   

He has taken the daily wear outfit of the Khasis – the jainsem and the humble jainkyrshah as inspiration and translated that fluidity into beautiful and classy shift dresses, clean-cut long dresses, fitted sarongs, wrap around tops and flare bottom pants.

Modern Tribe

Modern TribeView Collection   

The versatile fabric, also called Ryndia allows the wearer to be at ease at hot, humid travel spots as well as relaxed in the air-conditioned comfort of resorts.

Boho Earth

Boho EarthView Collection   

With minimal use of fasteners and a completely natural, chemical free fabric.

DSEFH Resort

DSEFH ResortView Collection   

Daniel’s collection uses international styling to create outfits that make you look good as well as feel good!


Ryndia1View Collection   

A slow fashion collection, it celebrates the beauty of stepping back and slowing down, thinking about the earth that sustains each of us and celebrating the continuity in nature.

Free Spirit

Ryndia1View Collection   

Ethereal, pure and soulful, Daniel Syiem’s latest collection is a journey within the soul to remove all superficial layers and to connect with one’s true inner self.

Second Skin

Ryndia1View Collection   

Chic, stylish, fashionable, this collection looks good as well as feels good and is designed to accentuate the wearer’s beauty. It feels and fits like second skin.