The Premier Ryndia Collection (Ryndia 1)

When our designer Daniel Syiem , connected with the Ryndia (Eri Silk) fabric, which is a heritage fabric that is handwoven by women weavers of Meghalaya with a perspective of design, fashion and creation, he fell in love with it. Rediscovering it in terms of its versatility, flow, feel and its unique thermal properties (cool in hot temperatures while warm in cold temperatures) inspired him to think of designing a collection around it. Traditionally used only for shawls and stoles, he visualized it as haute couture and created this collection. DSEFH is proud to be a pioneer in reviving the Ryndia. This Premier collection has wrap skirts, jackets, pleated dresses, flowy full-length dresses, tasseled hems and unique sleeves. This was the collection that led to a spiritual connection between the fabric and the designer- the beginning of many more mesmerizing designs in this natural, organic, sustainable fabric from the hills of Meghalaya.